Mara Kimi Ancheta
and Andrea Coleman started their friendship in 2000 when they both worked at Walt Disney Television Animation Studio. Mara and Andrea immediately hit it off and  became instant friends through their unique tastes in fashion, quirky crafts and art. These mutual interests eventually led to a chance for them to collaborate on personal projects outside of work.

Andrea went on to create her own line of high end hand crafted designer handbags, an offspring of her own creative style. She also continued to work on character ideas as she developed new and interesting projects. One of her super cool ideas is currently in development at Disney Studios.

Mara started her freelance career painting toy prototypes and collectibles in 2007. Her business flourished and in July of 2014, she knew she needed to expand her crew. Andrea was the obvious choice, and in that instant, The Cheddah Factory gang was born. They have been working together to create a brightly colored world ever since and have developed into a killer team that is rapidly becoming a force of nature in the industry.

In addition to their paint work, they are also working on other creatives development projects ranging from fashion to just plain quirky, ridiculously cute stuff. You can find their latest projects on Etsy.

The dynamic duo are on a mission to leave their mark in the world of creative art by taking on large-scale projects as well. They recently got the chance to paint life-size Minions for the Universal Studios Park in Singapore and the lobby of Illumination Studios. With that under their belt, they eagerly took on and crushed life size Penguins of Madagascar for a Dreamworks installation.

In their determination to push themselves to new heights, Paint Girl and AndiPants have masterminded evil plans to use their paint girl powers to do an epic repaint the of Hollywood sign,  a gourmet redux of the Randy's Donuts giant donut, and to give the Lady Liberty a much needed Cheddah Factory makeover. Colossal it may seem, but nothing is too far fetched for the unending creative talent that drives them to achieve anything they can set their brilliant minds to.

Stay tuned, and hold you breath, because the zany pair has a Youtube channel in the works. They will showcase their hilarious antics as they endeavor to keep their toy prototype shop running without going bananas. Stay tuned for sneak peeks of their newest exclusive projects that will be available!

--Mara and Andrea, artists extraordinaire. “It ain’t easy being cheesy”

Paint Girl and Andipants1